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Private Family Office Services

We work with families who have significant wealth and need to provide a governance framework and the ability to protect their wealth from many dangers and ultimately pass their wealth on to their heirs.

Legal and Accounting services
Obtaining the appropriate advice at the right cost from the right firm with the right skill set and understanding is crucial and we can assist in selecting the right advisers to work with you in developing a comprehensive plan for your family office.

Trust and Estate Planning
We have vast experience in working with trust companies to set up and run complex succession structures across many jurisdictions and we have the ability to work on a truly independent basis to ensure that your best interests are met.
The setup and more importantly ongoing running costs, compliance and service of any structure is crucial to ensure that you can have peace of mind that matters will run smoothly without the need to pull on your time and energy.

Value Added Services

In addition to the setting up running of your succession vehicle, the underlying assets and affairs may need assistance such as Art lending and management, Collectibles and Insurance, Yacht and Aircraft purchase and management and the buying and selling of businesses which are all areas we have used our contacts to assist clients in the past. Our service saves time and money and we have used alongside ourselves some of the most prestigious and experienced firms in the world to protect and enhance your assets.

*Please note all the above services will be provided by third party authourised trust companies, law firms and accountants identified by Merriwey as providing a high level of service at a competitive cost.

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Merriwey Limited Registered Office: 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX. Registered in England & Wales ref: 11084343. Merriwey Limited does not provide financial, tax or legal advice but can arrange such via third parties.