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Wealth Management Consulting

Our vast experience and knowledge of different financial instruments and global markets have equipped us to assist in this area. We sit on the client’s side of the table when discussing an overall investment strategy with a financial adviser or institution and ensure that returns are maximised by:

  • Reducing unnecessary costs;
  • Avoiding human emotion and error;
  • Ensuring the significant tax advantages that some investments offer is utilised in full.

By adopting this approach, we have increased the overall investment performance and ensured that the investments remain in line with the original objectives of our clients.

The overall outcome for you will be:

  • Optimizing your relationship with your financial advisers;
  • Ensuring your investment objectives are met across all financial advisers;
  • Ensuring adequate reporting is in place to monitor performance across all financial advisers;
  • Reduce time you spend on managing and supervising these relationships;
  • Achieve peace of mind and more family time.

We also have vast experience in more thematic investment opportunities and real estate in the UK, US and Europe for the sophisticated investor and can bring opportunities which are not available to the wider market.

In addition to our Wealth Management Consulting Service, for clients who do not have an existing financial adviser, we offer a referral to a regulated Financial Advisory Service through Mark Dean Wealth Management, more information on the full-service offering is available at www.markdeanwealth.com

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